How we operate

Harmony and identity
for your home

Our team of professionals, internal and external, in the interiors industry will expertly propose the broadest range of solutions for your home, from the best Italian brands to made-to-measure production, guaranteeing you a high standard of quality.
Our designs stem from constant dialogue with the customer to ensure that every room emanates the person who lives there, where nothing is left to chance and where just being there and knowing you have chosen the best will feel wonderful.
All of this, and more, when time is scarce and thoughts are many: our “turnkey” formula allows us to offer our services as sole contact in creating living spaces of all types and sizes, thanks to over forty-five years of professional experience that means we can manage design projects from start to finish – from the carpentry to the choice of finishes and fabrics, from flooring to suspended ceilings, from colour schemes to drapes, from system installation to the lighting and technical drawings.

We take care of the simplest home lifting to total renovations, minimising the works to be done in the home and optimising costs

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Designs with an unmistakeable signature. Ours.
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Materials, Research, Innovation

Our experience has led us to be highly selective when choosing the brands we propose.
We propose only products that can we can personally guarantee, with a focus on cost containment. Through an accurate design we create high end-equivalent outfittings complete with accessories for a turnkey interior project.

“We listen to your dream”


“A selective capacity developed from experience that over time has led to a preference for the best, high-performance materials, also based on feedback from customers with whom we have established an ongoing long-term working relationship.”
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The value of our working method

Ours is a bespoke approach that drives us to think about interior creation like a true tailor-made dress or suit.
Arredocasa has its own carpentry workshop where all types of made-to-measure furnishings are created, ensuring high quality standards and an unmistakeable “Italian Lifestyle”. The business experience acquired in decades of operations ensures that the materials chosen for interiors production are non-pollutant, environment-friendly, robust and high quality, constantly seeking new options offered by the market.
Your wishes are our departure point. We measure needs and preferences before arranging a survey at the home, and it is only when we are certain we have achieved a certain harmony that we begin to structure a proposal.
Thanks to virtual reality 3D planning, we can examine the design with you and show you in real time the impact that any colour changes or different layouts can generate.
The interior design, just like a dress, is then tried out directly at home with a selection of fabrics, drapes, flowers and whatever else can help create the final effect.

“Every designer knows how important accessories are to turning a dress into a perfect outfit


Our customers’ demands have changed over time, and consequently so has our work.
This way of working and effectively responding to major projects comes with experience and calls for increasingly precise skills in talks with the various professionals.
  • Turnkey project designs
  • Onsite measurements
  • Plant design
  • Pre-assembly in the workshop
  • Transport and assembly at the final destination
  • Personalised payments and loans
  • After-sales service