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To live pure emotion

For over forty years we have worked in the interiors industry with passion and professionalism, operating on the Italian and international markets.
We have differentiated ourselves by combining tradition and innovation.
Continuous research, constant passion and our unwavering enthusiasm are factors we have always used to enter the game and put ourselves at the customer’s service, to achieve the best result possible – together. Listening to needs is indispensable to the success of every design, studied ad hoc and with personalised solutions.

We partner architects and external professionals to create major projects that reward creativity and originality in terms of living space design and for contracted works.

Our mission: to bring our customers’ dreams to life

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“Interior design means artfully combining colours and materials, playing with fabrics and accessories: not only do we make furniture recommendations, but we follow the creation of the environment up to and including the wall painting.”



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Arredocasa and Arredocontract, a success story since 1975

È un grande ed elegante show-room di 3000 mq che, famoso anche oltre i confini nazionali, si colloca tra le primissime realtà del proprio settore.

The prestigious showroom, with over forty-five years of business and high levels of customer satisfaction, offers a captivating walkthrough of modern living. A workshop for new ideas, new trends and, especially, research into new living styles.

An expression of taste that our father, Santo Porcello, matured during his numerous travels abroad. In 1986, his sons Aurelio and Alessio – now the owners – took over the reins of the company, continuing to propose unprecedented, original solutions.

“Our dad
chose Montaione
for the harmony that surrounds us.


Still today it is the distinguishing feature of our research
and philosophy of “Total Home Design

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chi siamo

About Us

Aurelio and Alessio: Two brothers, Two interior designers who together complete the circle in offering an impeccable service with all the passion and care of those operating in the industry for many decades.
An intention distinguished by their strong business sense and the ability to act as a solid guarantee for all those who have bought furnishings from their stores. A constant search for beauty, the desire to offer high-end designs and services, along with the awareness that there is no place in the world more iconic than Italy when it comes to style and elegance. These are the elements that led to the Porcello family’s transformation of a company that began as a one-man business into a brand recognised as representing high quality Made in Italy interiors.

Let us handle your project design.
You’ll be in capable hands.